Thursday, July 08, 2010

Spoiled Pack Rats

I made a preliminary run at thinning out the kids' stuff today, in preparation for all the packing that will come later. And let me tell you, it was an all day job, thanks to my two big helpers. It's always better to do these kind of projects with as little help as possible, but I didn't get to it while the boys were away, so there was nothing to do but let them help--which means that toys that haven't seen the light of day for who knows how long suddenly became the most beloved things ever to grace the bedroom the moment they hit the "give away" pile or the "trash" pile.

Speaking of which, I ultimately came away with six trash bags full of stuff for Goodwill--along with some bigger items that wouldn't fit in sacks--and at least that many for the garbage. And, there are still more toys than I can count! Spoiled pack rats, indeed. I suspect they are in good company, though, and will most likely confirm that, when my scrutinizing packer's eye hits the rest of the house in the coming weeks.


  1. I tried the almost the same thing the other day, cleaning out the toy box. Suddenly, toys they hardly ever played with became the most fought over toy of the year! I only managed to get rid of 6 toys, so you definately did better than I did.

  2. Well, when the incentive is not having to pack everything up (and unpack it later), you get a little more open minded in your the removal process.


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