Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A day with the boys

I spent the day with my boys today, and we all had a blast! Our first stop was the splash pad, where the boys enjoyed having the fountain to themselves while they entertained each other and me for over an hour. Then, we donned dry clothes and headed across the way to a quaint little bookstore for story time. The boys sat mesmerized as they listened to the stories, and Weston was so proud of himself for realizing and pointing out to the reader that all her stories were about animals, which I don't think she had even really intended. When the stories were over and the cookies were finished, the boys got to pick out some books to take home, which is always thrilling. Weston's were all reading books that he will begin working on reading himself. Finally, we met up with Daddy at one of our favorite restaurants on the lake for lunch. I love hanging out with my boys and am so thankful for this special day with them!

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