Thursday, July 22, 2010

I did not pack a single box today

Even though packing boxes was the only thing I planned on doing today. Instead, I did the following things:

  • Worked out at Curves and officially gave notice to terminate my contract with them.
  • Came home to a crying baby and unrelated tales of water heater woes.
  • Fixed my children quesadillas for breakfast (at their request).
  • Took the kids to play at the splash pad and to attend our new favorite story time.
  • Snapped some pictures for my photo blog.
  • Set up an appointment with a plumber to take care of the hot water heater situation.
  • Tried once again to complete the exchange of my Mother's Day gift.
  • Talked on the phone with my mom...three times.
  • Designed and ordered a birthday gift for my father-in-law.
  • Talked with Jeff about his school for entrepreneurs, Strong Academy.
  • Received an hour's notice for a house showing, which prompted a flurry of house cleaning, only to receive word fifty minutes later that the showing was cancelled. 
  • Made some yummy, fat-free sorbet for an impromptu dinner party with friends.
  • Finished the last season of 24.

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