Saturday, March 27, 2010

Portrait of a Champion

Well, I've always known that my daughter was brilliant, but now a lot more people are aware of that fact. Ruth competed today in the PSIA (UIL for private schools) District Meet. Our district consists of four private schools (with maybe 50-100+ total competitors each) and three home school families. For second grade, there are three possible contests: Storytelling, Creative Writing, and Spelling. Ruth competed in all three. And, she brought home two medals: first place for Creative Writing and second place for Spelling!!! Plus, she gets to advance to the State meet, which will be held in Ft. Worth (at TCU) in a few weeks. We are thrilled beyond belief and so very proud of our girl!!

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  1. Mandi,

    I just figured out how to be able to reach you from your comment on my blog. Of course I remember you both! You have a beautiful family. It is so good to reconnect. I would love to visit comments probably isn't the best place. Feel free to email me



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