Thursday, March 11, 2010

...And that brings us up to Spring Break

School is going really well for Ruth...and really fast. We cannot believe it's already March and time for Spring Break. As usual, I'll just try to hit the highlights here of what Ruth has been doing during the past month.

  • She finished her fourth Spelling book and started her fifth. (We're using the Spelling Workout series, in case you're wondering). And she is still practicing for her Spelling competition, which is coming up at the end of this month.
  • She is working on division in math and is perfecting some of her other skills.
  • In history, she has studied about the Russian invasion of Constantinople, Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible, the Ottoman Empire, The Plague, Joan of Arc, the War of the Roses, and King Richard III.
  • In science, she has studied about astronauts, comets, the Hubble Space Telescope and some other fascinating space topics.
  • She has been working on writing some longer descriptive papers in writing class and continues to practice for her creative writing competition later this month. 
  • She absolutely adores her piano teacher and is gaining many new skills in her weekly lessons. 
  • She also really enjoys her Super Friday classes and has done some really neat things so far this semester. In her Little House on the Prairie class she has learned to make butter, made a corn husk doll, made and painted a pinch pot--all while reading through the Little House in the Big Woods with her classmates. In Art, she has turned a regular Snapple bottle into a beautiful vase, done a watercolor painting of a dolphin, a bean mosaic, a drawing of her interpretation of a "secretary bird" and a silly picture in the style of Marc Chagall. And in Knitting, she has been working on a coin purse, which she hopes to finish tomorrow so she can begin another project.

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  1. Wow! Ruth, you've been busy. Have your self a much needed and restful spring break.

  2. That's awesome, Ruth! Mandi, I LOVE getting these updates. Scott and I are prayerfully considering and re-assessing schooling (realizing the answer may differ from year to year or few years) and I would love to hear what you use to plan, what curriculum, etc. Email is good if you don't want to post it all here!


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