Monday, March 01, 2010

Crawling into March

Our March got off to a slow start. The kids and I slept in this morning and then just kind of took the day at a snail's pace. I was completely unmotivated to do anything. I'm not sure if that was because it was Monday or if it was because the rain and clouds stole away my precious sunshine again or what. It was just a slow day. My in-laws did report seeing their first bluebonnets today, so I have hope that it will soon truly feel like Spring and that that will put a spring in my step.


  1. Sorry that March started off with a "blah." I love starts my birthday month, and around here we celebrate birthdays the same way you all do. I love them! I celebrate for the whole month! We will be at the Lake during Spring break (not at Max and Sharon's, but at the same lake) any chance you all will be around, the week of March 15th?

  2. I love March too, because it's the real beginning of Spring here in Texas. I think that's why yesterday was kind of blah--it just didn't seem very Spring-like, especially compared to the weekend. But today is looking much better! Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be around the lake while you're there. Maxie and Sharon will be here the week before and the week after. We would love to see you guys, though. Hopefully soon. Happy birthday month!


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