Friday, March 12, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Weston

  • To me, the other day when I didn't understand something he said: "You should really get tubes put in your ears."
  • Yesterday, after the firemen visited the preschool: "When there's a fire in your house, you should go out to the mailbox with all your people...and with your adults."
  • Tonight, when Ruth said she could do a good interpretation of Daddy snoring because she has a runny nose: "You should get your tonsils out so you won't have a runny nose anymore."
  • One day last week, in a conversation with Ruth: "I am only friends with four-year-olds. Next year I will be friends with five-year-olds. And after that six-year-olds."
  • Completely randomly, during dinner one night: "If you were a fake person, would you eat a napkin?"
  • In prayer, before bed one night: "...And don't let any lions bite my toes or let Santa Claus come in my room." (reference to a couple of bad dreams he has had).
  • On the way out the door tonight: "I'm freezing in my arm pits."

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