Saturday, September 17, 2016

Game Day

My voice is wavering on the edge of here and gone. That's one sure sign that it was game day. Three of my favorite teams were playing, and I gave them all the vocal support I could muster.

Clay and his Mud Hens had their first baseball game this morning. If you've never watched 5U baseball, you don't know what you're missing. That boy was excited...for most of the game. Then, he was tired and hot. But he played hard and had so much fun!

Handsome little batter

Making it home

Cutest shortstop ever!

Later in the afternoon, Weston and his Rebels dominated the football field, with a 28-0 win. Weston even put some of those numbers on the board and played an all-around great game, despite the ridiculous heat.

Leading the team onto the field,
with the "Come and Take It" flag

A catch in the endzone, for 2!

Returning a punt like a boss

Finally, our Aggies put the hurt on Auburn, with a 29-16 win. Whoop!

This is what our fall is all about. Ah, good times! 

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