Thursday, September 15, 2016

First Game

Weston and the rest of the Rebels were supposed to have their first football game on Saturday, but they got rained out, and the game was rescheduled for last night. Rain threatened to shut it down again, but the sun finally came out, and, by game time, we had only the rainbow to remind us of the showers that moved through the area. If you know Weston, you know he lives and breathes football, so he was super excited to finally get his game on, especially after his hiatus last season. He was actually thrilled about the reschedule as well, because it meant an evening game and getting to play under the lights, which automatically makes any football game seem a bit more legit. The Rebels played hard and ended up with the W.

A good omen on gameday

By happy coincidence, Weston was given number 99,
keeping his glorious tradition alive.
All I can say is "Whoop!"
(But don't tell Weston I said that.)

The way football was meant to be watched

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