Friday, September 09, 2016

Feel Good Friday

The world seems so dark and crazy and broken and negative. It seems we are constantly inundated with bad news. I admit, I have a sensitivity to negativity and a tendency to lean that direction with the slightest provocation. Sometimes my brain takes in all the little (and occasionally big) bits of negativity and churns it around until it becomes difficult to believe there is any good left in the world at all. Bad news hit our family in personal ways this week, and after days of feeling the weight of grief and anger, I remembered Mahatma Gandhi's words: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." And that got me thinking: If the world is dark, I can be light. If the world is crazy, I can be sane. If the world is broken, I can be whole. If the world is negative, I can be positive. I don't have to be part of the problem. I can be part of the solution. As I have been at a little bit of a loss for words lately and in need of some direction for the blog, I have decided to spread positive vibes in a new weekly feature, Feel Good Friday, where I will share things I find to be positive, uplifting, inspiring, happy, and/or beautiful. Can it change the world? Probably not. But, according to Norman Vincent Peale, if you "change your thoughts, you change your world," and changing just my world seems like a good place to start. If anything I post helps change yours, all the better.


  1. Thank you! This is highly necessary in my own life, I'll appreciate your posts very much! I also love roses, so your rose pic is perfection. So sorry to hear of bad news in your life, praying the Lord turns it around in an astounding way.

    1. Thank you. The rose is blooming in my back yard right now and making me happy every time I look out the window or step out on the porch. I'm glad it made you happy, too!

  2. I'd like to know what bad new news hit your family in personal ways this week????? I would have thought I would have have been told???


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