Monday, February 23, 2015

South Beach

Several weeks ago, Jeff had a business trip to Phoenix. One of the nights he was gone, he texted to say that he wished I was there. I texted back that I wished I was there, too, and then half-jokingly added that we should plan a weekend getaway for ourselves sometime soon. He immediately texted back, without joking, to say that if I would figure out a weekend and arrange kid sitting, that he would plan us a fun weekend. With an idea that our alone time might be severely challenged in the next couple of years, as we travel around the world, and being in the midst a very stressful time, it seemed like the perfect time to get away. So, everything was arranged, and I knew we were going somewhere, but I didn't have any clue as to where. This weekend finally arrived, and we dropped the kids off with Jeff's brother (and family) in Houston, on Friday evening, and then pointed our vehicle toward the airport. It was only then that I found out our destination was to be Miami, specifically, South Beach. Neither of us had ever been there before, and we had such a lovely time! I miss it already!

The W Hotel (clockwise):
The W from the beach, looking left from our balcony, looking right from our balcony,
Hello Kitty fountain, hidden table in the garden by the pool, light fixture in room,
amazing bouquet of lilies in one of the attached restaurants

Art in Collins Park

Crazy Cars

South Beach

We experienced some fantastic cuisine while in South Beach--
everything from Mediterranean to Cuban to Peruvian, etc.!
The SOBE Wine and Food Festival was also going on,
so all the stars from Food Network and The Cooking Channel
(the only stars we really know anything about) were around,
doing food demos and hosting incredible events on the beach and in the local restaurants.
We caught Giada de Laurentiis hanging out in one of the restaurants in our hotel.

(Clockwise: orange juicer at the Peruvian restaurant, churros at The Dutch--where Giada was seen the following day,
Cuban deliciousness,  lobster roll at the poolside grill, Giada, Peruvian sangria, SOBE WFF tent on the beach)

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