Friday, February 27, 2015

He may look like a Mexican, but he's all Texan

The boys and I have been diving into Texas history recently, which is always a favorite subject around here. We have been reading about The Alamo and the heroes who defended it, and we've been talking about Texas' Independence, which seems so appropriate as we approach Texas Independence Day on Monday. We are also planning a field trip to the Alamo for next weekend. All of us are caught up in the excitement of the courage and bravery and honor of a people seeking liberty, but perhaps none of us more than Clay.

This morning, after breakfast, he disappeared into his room for a while. When he reappeared, he had his sombrero secured to his pants with a belt or two and declared, "I'm a Mexican." I quickly retorted, "Mind if we call you Santa Anna?" He did not miss a beat, but looked me right in the eye and said, "No! I'm on the Texans team!" Don't tell me his little ears aren't listening!

Victory or Death!

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