Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3/8 of 100

Today is my half-birthday, and my mathematically inclined husband informed me that I am now exactly 3/8 of 100. If that's not something to be excited about, I'd like to know what is. If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that half-birthdays are kind of a big deal (on a small scale) around here. Basically, the half-birthday person gets to pick dinner, and if that person is also under 18, he or she also usually gets a small gift. Obviously, that last part didn't apply here, but my sweet kiddos did write me some special notes. Dinner was a no-brainer: Mexican. Deciding where to have the Mexican food was a little harder, but I finally decided on Iron Cactus, where we had so much fun sharing most of the appetizers and desserts on the menu around the table. 3/8 of 100 = awesome (as you can see from the note Weston wrote to me)!

Flattery AND secret code

Bs and Ds are still a little confusing, but "dorthbay" is kind of a cool word. 

Ruth knows the way to my heart is through the beach!

My people are the very best people!

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