Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Stop: Louisiana

The final stop on our multi-state vacation was Louisiana. We visited the Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, where we were able to see many interesting animals up close and personal and even feed some of them. From there, we made our way to New Iberia, where we ferreted out some yummy Cajun food at a true local joint. And, this morning, we spiced things up a bit with a visit to Avery Island for a tour of the Tabasco factory and a sampling of their wares, including pepper soda, pepper ice cream, pepper jelly and a variety of hot sauces. While we were at Avery Island, we also visited the Jungle Gardens, a beautiful natural area on the grounds of a former sugar plantation.

Thank you so much for following our journey. We had a blast and hope you had fun right along with us! We made memories that will last a life time. And, we'll try to dwell on those fun times as we attempt to make our way through the massive pile of laundry we brought home.

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