Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Best Laid Plans

Do you ever make a plan, like, oh let's say, to make sure this is the day you sit down with your four-year-old and help him learn how to read? Or that you will definitely get serious about potty training your two-year-old this minute? And then get to the end of the day only to realize that what you actually did today was make haircut appointments, and schedule car repairs and lawn services and a visit from a plumber, and run to the bank and post office (twice), and work on exchanging part of your Mother's Day gift, and pay bills, and plan a birthday party? Or do you ever make a plan to tell your faithful blog readers something really important, and then realize that with all your vacationing, you have completely forgotten to mention it? Well, don't worry, it happens to me, too.

So here it is: we currently have our house for sale! Put the sign in the yard at midnight the night before we left on our trip, hoping against hope that someone would come by and see it (and want to buy it) while it was as clean as it's ever going to be while we live here. And we did have some lookers, I guess, but no serious interest. So, now I'm just hoping someone will come along who thinks sticky floors are a "feature."

"And what are those crazy Watts up to now?" you ask. Well, let me start by saying that we really love Kingwood and have enjoyed our time here immensely. But, there is one thing that we do not like, and that's the distance between us and our families. (You only have to hear your kids ask if Grandpa is on that plane to come see us or if Nana can come live with us so many times before you get the hint). So, we are attempting to bridge that gap. We don't know for sure where we will ultimately end up, but we are currently thinking about the Marble Falls area. We would like to find a nice piece of land and have a house built to our specifications--if we can agree on just what those specifications are. It will, no doubt, provide tales to tell. And I'll be telling them here, if all goes according to plan. Hope you'll stick with us through this next chapter of our lives. (And if you know of anyone looking for a house in the Kingwood area, please let them know about ours).

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  1. If there is one thing infertility taught me, it is that we may make our own plans, but God laughs at them, then shows us His plan. I do hope that your plans stay strong,because Marble Falls is WAY closer to US than Kingswood.


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