Monday, April 12, 2010

Takin' Care of Business

  • prayed with my husband before the sun came up
  • worked out
  • read the Bible with my children and taught them about the Lord
  • called a glass company to come give me an estimate on replacing a pane of my leaded glass front door (casualty of an over-zealous greeter)
  • set up an appointment to have our sprinkler system repaired (casualty of a stinkin' cold winter)
  • hired someone to mow the lawn and clean out the flower beds (after losing the battle to our own lawn equipment on Saturday)
  • made a hair appointment
  • did mountains of dishes
  • sat on the floor in multiple bathrooms, reading board books, just waiting for something to happen
  • helped someone with his preschool workbook and his reading
  • paid bills
  • played my personal best on "Popword"
  • watered the houseplants
  • put clean sheets on my bed
  • made a pitcher of sweet southern mint ice tea
  • talked about the future with my sweetie
  • read a bit of "The Help"
  • consoled crying kids
  • distributed pain meds and kisses as necesary
  • made a semi-gourmet dinner (sausage-stuffed Portabella mushrooms)
  • burned the garlic bread (trying to make my momma proud)
  • saved room for dessert
It's not a glamorous life, folks. But I wouldn't trade it for anything! 


  1. I think that sounds like a wonderful day filled with all of the blessing in life (and some of the distractions that accompany those blessings). Hope you continue to stay productive and hope you do NOT continue in your mothers footsteps - WATCH THE BREAD OR SET A TIMER!!!!! Love ya sis!

  2. Well, in my defense, the knob on the toaster is broken and so the thing is completely unpredictable. I am not generally a bread burner! Waiting for replacement knobs now.


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