Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Surfer Dudes

This morning the older boys had an opportunity to take a surf lesson, which is something they have been looking forward to forever. In fact, I think when we first put Hawaii on our agenda almost two years ago, they put surfing on their list of things to definitely do here. They were naturals, and they had so much fun! They're hooked, so I guess we'll have no choice but to continue traveling to places where they can hone their skills. I'm willing to make that sacrifice for my boys, because that's just the kind of selfless mom I am.

First, the land lesson!

Ready to catch some waves!

A perfect day for surfing!
(Lanai, which we haven't had a good look at all week,
 even decided to come out from behind the clouds!)

The instructor was great with the boys and gave them every opportunity to succeed,
including pulling them along through the water on their first trip out.

Max was a rock star on the board!

Weston gives this activity two thumbs up!

Meanwhile, this little mess was trying to ensure that
we take as much of Maui back to Texas with us as possible!

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