Thursday, July 07, 2016

A Texas welcome

Texas greeted us this morning around 6:00 am with a warm embrace. And things just continued to heat up from there. However, he did manage to keep it below the 100 degree mark (just barely), which seemed to be his way of saying "Welcome back."

After a shower and a good breakfast, we jumped right into real world stuff, with trips to the bank and car dealership, in order to procure a new set of wheels. This is our first truly new car since before we had kids, so it kind of felt like a big deal. Of course, we have kids, so the new car smell will surely wear off sooner than it otherwise would. I'm including a picture, because this may be the last day the car is ever this pretty again.

Our new ride

With the ability to locomote, we were off to accomplish our only other goal of the day, which was to eat at Chuy's. As a bonus, my mom met us there, which was the only thing that could have made the experience better!

After lunch, Mom snagged the boys and whisked them away for a weekend of being spoiled silly. It's going to be awesome!

Jeff and I stayed behind so we can start the process of settling back in to something like normal life. Today, we mostly just drove around, trying to get a feel for this new land in which we find ourselves, a land just north of Dallas, which has up to now been utterly unfamiliar to us. Tomorrow, we will hit the floor running, as we begin the search for both a commercial space and a residence.

So, in case you thought our adventures were over, I would like to clarify that they are only changing. We look forward to embracing this new phase of  holo holo (adventuring), and we would love for you to continue to be part of our journey.


  1. Welcome back to tour homeland, family. I will pray for you'll find a cozy home. May God bless you! The adventure is not over yet, we all know. :)

    1. Thank you, Patricia! The adventure never ends, it only changes!

  2. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Welcome home, Watts Family!


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