Monday, December 28, 2015

Lilliputian Life

Today's outing to Turia Gardens in Valencia helped us channel our inner Lilliputians, as we played on the larger-than-life Gulliver playscape. It was definitely the most unique playground we've ever been to, and the boys really loved it! Though the rest of us mostly watched, we did enjoy the beautiful day and a nice little picnic. Some of us also took a very pleasant stroll around the lovely gardens. We all had a great time!

This is the life-size model of the Gulliver playscape,
housed inside his larger-than-life hat.

Gulliver, from the waist up

Max standing on Gulliver's hand

Clay was smaller than Gulliver's little finger

Clay sitting on Gulliver's ear

A peek at Max and Weston under Gulliver's knee

Help a brother out!

The mother of all slides and the main attraction for the boys.
They would try to throw themselves up as far up on the sides as possible
and then twist and turn all the way down. 

Picnic time

Valencia Oranges

Spanish Olive Trees

The rose garden was waning but still beautiful!

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