Friday, December 11, 2015

Last Ski Day in Andorra

Our last ski day was fantastic, though definitely colder than the previous days, especially first thing in the morning. There were moments when I couldn't feel my fingers and toes, despite two layers of gloves, two pairs of socks, and hand warmers. I was secretly thrilled when some of the kids asked to take a break, and I quickly volunteered to be the parent to go with those kids to the lodge. Weston and Jeff decided to brave the cold and work in a few more runs. When the other kids reported getting a snack, Weston wasn't even jealous, because he said skiing was even more important to him than eating. Now, that's true love. (If you're curious, skiing is tied with football at Number One, on Weston's sport love scale.) And, even though things got a bit chilly this morning, I want to report that aside from sunglasses and gloves for three of us, we didn't buy any special winter wear for our ski trip. We had planned for these kind of outings with our packing and our gear performed beautifully. As someone who is ALWAYS cold, I had my doubts about being able to stay warm on the slopes, despite all the layering. But aside from my fingers and toes in the early morning and late afternoon (when the sun wasn't shining), I was really quite comfortable. It is so amazing to me to have everything I need for both a ski vacation and a tropical beach vacation in just one little carry-on sized bag that I can carry on my back. 

Team W, on our last Andorran ski day

Today was by far the coldest day on the mountain, especially this morning,
before the sun was peeking over the mountains and
while the snow machines were still blowing a blizzard of powder around.
By mid-morning, some of us needed to take a hot chocolate break.
(This picture will also serve as evidence of my presence on this ski trip.)

Ice "C"

"M" for Max
Because I know you need more cuteness in your life, I am going to leave you with a video of our little speed racer. This kid is a natural on skis, as you will see when he almost leaves his dad/videographer in the dust.

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