Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Hook Head Peninsula

It was an absolutely beautiful day here today, so we took the opportunity to do a little exploring. We made the short drive to the other side of the harbor, to see Hook Lighthouse, which claims to be the oldest operational lighthouse in the world. It has been lighting the way for sailors for the past 800 years, so that seems like a reasonable supposition to me.  From the observation deck, we saw several seals playing in the water, and our guide told us a pod of dolphins had also been seen recently and that the whales should be arriving within the month. This made me feel like there is a decent chance we could be coming back here! As we were driving home, we stopped to appreciate some beautiful church ruins. It was such a fun day!

Daybreak in Duncannon

Hook Lighthouse:
One of the oldest lighthouses in the world ,
and the oldest operational lighthouse in Ireland. 

"A sailor went to sea, sea, sea,
To see what he could see, see, see."

Weston volunteered to give the replica light a spin.
This light is actually three times smaller than the real light. 

The view of the Celtic Sea from the observation deck

One look at the rocky coastline shows the necessity of the lighthouse.
We had fun watching a couple of seals playing in the waves, just past these rocks.

The view toward Waterford Harbor, which is is the body of water our house faces.

On the lighthouse observation deck

While we were out, we also got to see the ruins of this church and cemetery.

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