Sunday, November 29, 2015

A harrowing ferry ride and a peek into history

We left our long-term home in Duncannon yesterday and boarded a ferry for France, where we proceeded to endure possibly the roughest sea passage in history. It was kind of like trying to eat and sleep and do other normal things on a seemingly endless carnival ride. As always, the brunt of the seasickness fell on me, but Max and Ruth were slightly green, as well. Frankly, my head is still spinning. But, we survived and disembarked around 1:00 this afternoon. We then had an opportunity to visit a fascinating D-Day museum at Utah Beach, before making the long drive to our home for the night. Our rough night on the ferry gave us some perspective about how many of those soldiers probably felt when they reached the shore, which made us respect them all the more.

Tanks are always a big hit with my boys

The war plane of David Dewhurst Sr. 

Guess who was excited to see all the statues?! 

Utah Beach D-Day Museum


  1. ugh, sea sickness is one of the worst side effects of traveling - so sorry! It looks like you redeemed the day well though!

    1. Thankfully, the seasickness hits me the hardest. I think it would be so much worse if it were the kids feeling like that. We did redeem the day and all is well. Thanks for your sweet thoughts.


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