Saturday, December 27, 2014

Haskell Holiday

We finished up our holiday tour this weekend in Haskell, with my side of the family. Nothing matters more to us than getting to spend time with people we love. What a blessing that we had the opportunity to spend time with both sides of our family this holiday season!

Grandaddy loves to pick on the kids.
(And the kids love for Grandaddy to pick on them!)

Alley Science with Mentos and Diet Coke

Grandaddy's girls

The boys' table, which obviously wouldn't be complete without a finger in a nose

Fun with Nana and Papa

These two cuties had the best time playing with Granny's walker

Pirate invasion

Quality time with Granny, learning some family history through pictures and cooking

The gang's (almost) all here
(Missed you, Phillip!)

White Christmas

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