Monday, December 08, 2014

Family Fun

We had an opportunity to visit Jeff's brother's family this weekend. They have only recently moved back to Texas, after living in Mozambique, Africa for several years, so these kinds of get-togethers are still pretty novel for all of us. We all had such a wonderful time and look forward to getting to do it again soon!

The best brother is the one who shows up with the 99 pack

Girl Power

Lots of lovin'

You know when you're at Uncle Alan's house you're going to play with fire!

Victoria's first "Rumble, Rumble"

Our first opportunity to drink a beer together.
(Note: That huge mug was NOT full at any time! )

Clay was fascinated and somewhat terrified of the deer in the backyard.
The deer were fascinated with Clay but not the least bit terrified.

Many books were read during the weekend

Amazing Sunday brunch at Dosey Doe--
amazing food, amazing venue, amazing music, amazing dining companions

Taking in the live music and the scenery at Dosey Doe

Thoroughly embarrassing the children with too much PDA during the family photo shoot

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