Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(Weston) Wayne's World

On Tuesday, in Math class:

Jeff: Weston, what is the last day of the year?

Weston: December 1st.

Jeff: No, that is the first day of December, which is the last month of the year. What is the last day of December?

Weston: December Last.
Again, during Tuesday's Math class:

Jeff: If today were December 31, what would tomorrow be?

Weston: Wednesday
A story problem made up by Weston:
"If a fish had one finger, and the fish got another finger, how many fingers would the fish have?
--I'm saying "the fish" because I don't know if the fish is a boy or a girl--"
Another story problem by Weston:
"If Daddy had nine tigers, and he got nine more tigers, how many tigers would he have?
He would have 18 tigers. Wow, Dad, that is really a lot of tigers!"
Weston's favorite game:
"Build-A-Bed-Out-Of-Pillows." Seriously. He spends a lot of time building different configurations of beds and trying them out.

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  1. Too Funny! I get some pretty good one liners from my 4th grade writing papers, too. Be sure to keep these so you can show Weston when he gets older.


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