Saturday, October 16, 2010

Two Months of School

I cannot believe that two months of school have already flown by. We have accomplished so much and have had such a good time!

Weston loves his new position as a student! He works hard every day and is so proud of himself. In these last two months, he has finished his 10 and 11 reading posters, and is half-way through his 12 poster. He has worked through the entire upper case alphabet and is currently working through the lower case letters. And he impresses us every day with his math skills. He can count to 100 by ones, twos, fives and tens, and he can get pretty far counting by threes and fours. He is also working on adding and subtracting, and he often asks when he can move on to multiplication!

Ruth is studying Chemistry this year and has really enjoyed all the science experiments. She also loves studying Latin and has quite an impressive vocabulary. She is writing longer and harder papers for Writing class--sometimes creative writing, in preparation for her PSIA competition in the spring, and sometimes factual report papers, following the MLA format. Ruth is studying Early Modern Times in History and has covered such topics as The Holy Roman Empire, The Protestant Rebellions, King James and the establishment of Jamestown in the New World, The Northwest Passage, Henry Hudson, Warlords of Japan, Colonies of the New World, The Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, The Spread of Slavery and the Tobacco Industry, and The Middle East. We have done some fun cooking projects, as well as some other neat projects. She is also rocking right along in Music, Math, Grammar and Spelling.

And, both kids are thoroughly enjoying their CC classes and are learning so much there. Plus, we've even gotten to go on a filed trip to the National Fish Hatchery at Inks Lake.

Scroll over the pictures to pause the slideshow and see the captions.

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