Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kid of the Week

Weston was awarded "Kid of the Week" at CC today. He is one of the youngest students on our CC campus who is in an actual class (as opposed to a nursery class). He really impressed his teacher and the director by going to class all on his own (since I was on nursery duty and wasn't able to attend with him, as would normally be the case) and participating in every activity, including a presentation in front of the class. I was able to attend class with him today and was impressed myself with his level of involvement and the way he isn't intimidated being in a class of all older kids (some as old as 7). We ran into his afternoon activity coordinator at the grocery store this afternoon, and she bragged about his behavior during that portion of the day, adding that she wasn't surprised he was given this award and that she truly felt he deserved it. This honor is such a compliment and such a testament of the big boy Weston has become. We are so proud of him!

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