Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Why Vacation World is more fun than Real World

On vacation...

...you almost never have laundry to do--and if you do have to do a load or two it doesn't take all day and it doesn't really have to be put away.
...you do not get really, really cold--even if you're in a cold place. That's just how it works in Vacation World. Plus in Vacation World, there is always a fireplace and never-ending hot chocolate or chai. (Or in my case, sun and a beach...and chai)!
...dishes may have to be washed occasionally, but it's not the same as "doing the dishes."
...you never, ever have to talk to medical billing or insurance people on the phone.
...there are NO bills to pay. (Hotels and dinners out don't count).
...the kids are supposed to run around screaming and yelling.
...floors don't have to be vacuumed and mopped, and toilets don't have to be cleaned.
...it's perfectly acceptable to sit around playing games all day.
...you do not have plumbing problems--and if you do, someone else has to deal with it.
...kids keep the crying and whining to a minimum.
...you can eat whatever you want, because food has no calories in Vacation World.
...you can read one novel after another, or just sit around looking at magazines all day.
...you don't have to unpack your bags if you don't want to.
...you don't have to make the bed.
...going for a walk doesn't have a connotation of exercising.
...there is always something new and interesting to see or do.

I'm for moving permanently to Vacation World. Who's with me?!


  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I'm in--Mom

  2. I'm definately in! ...and I'm all for calories not counting.


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