Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What's that you say?

For a while Jeff and I have suspected that Weston was in training to become a professional ignorer. The boy just doesn't seem to hear a thing we say. And today we found out why. It's because, according to the hearing test administered at the preschool today, he can't hear. Well, he can hear, of course, he just can't hear well. And the administrator was too kind to say that he failed the hearing test. She simply said she thought he needed to be retested. In a way, it's a relief to know that he isn't just tuning out our voices. The tester said she thought it was due to his congestion, which seems to be fairly perpetual. So, we are off to the pediatrician next week to discuss. We will keep you posted on the course of action recommended. In the meantime, we will be adopting the "Slower and Louder" method of communication with Weston, and we will remind ourselves not to be frustrated if he doesn't respond the first three times we say something.


  1. I love it when there are answers!!! Although, professional ignorer would be a pretty slick job.

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I suspected that might be the problem--I'm glad it has been detected early and action can be taken. Of course, when he hears better, he will quit saying words in his cute little way because he will hear them more correctly--that will be bittersweet as I'm particularly fond of lello--Love, Mom


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