Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Sports

If you're wondering where I've been lately, your best guess would have been some sort of field where sports are played or enroute between the various fields. The practice schedule has been a little brutal, with two kids practicing in different locations on Monday evenings, one kid practicing on Tuesday evenings, two kids practicing at different locations on Wednesday evenings (plus, my not-to-be-missed yoga class in yet a third location), a practice on Friday afternoon, a practice on Saturday morning, and two practices in different locations on Sunday afternoons. And, this last week, we threw in a couple of make-up riding lessons, a pep rally, and an academic contest, just to keep things interesting.

On Saturday, Weston had his first football game of the new season, which his team won in a big way. Weston played half the game on defense and the other half on offense and was just as happy as he could be the entire time.

Weston is one of the captains for his team this season--
a responsibility he takes very seriously

Blocking like a boss

Shortly after Weston's game was over, Clay played his first baseball game of the season. He hit twice off the pitcher and didn't have to use the tee at all, so he was pretty proud of himself. Weston and I didn't get to attend the game, as we had to go to Denton for the PSIA contest, but Dad made sure we got lots of picture updates.


Headed for home

Getting a little help from coach with the catcher's gear

On Monday evening, Max finally got in his first game as well. He was one of a few boys who got a hit and one of even fewer who put points on the board, both of which he was very proud of, even though his team didn't get the win.

The big hit

Coming home

I'm proud of all the kids, and I love to see them doing what they love--even if it means I spend almost as much time in my car running between various fields all over town as I do at home.

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