Sunday, February 05, 2017

Weekend Entertainment

On Friday evening, Jeff and I snuck away for a little date at the Pocket Sandwich Theater, where we ate and drank and laughed at the silly melodrama unfolding before us. It was a fun night out, but I have no photographic evidence.

The boys had a "men's day" on Saturday, and Ruth and I spent the day doing girly stuff. Ironically, the boys started with breakfast at a place called Mama's Daughters' Diner. Then, they played at two different awesome parks, before heading over to Max's baseball tryout. Meanwhile, Ruth and I shopped and lunched and sipped coffee. Later, we all met up and headed to downtown Dallas to see the Family Friendly Improv Show at Dallas Comedy House. Some members of our group even got some stage time, which was super fun. Afterwards, we had dinner at All Good Cafe.

Coffee break at Trio Coffee 

Dallas Comedy House

All Good Cafe

Knowing we had several hours of snacks and sitting in our future today, we decided to spend the morning hiking at LLELA (Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area), after first having brunch at Tierney's. It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed soaking up some sun and warmer temps, after several cold, cloudy days. Finally, we celebrated Weston's favorite holiday: Super Bowl. It was a great weekend!

Enjoying the great outdoors at LLELA

Super Bowl Party

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