Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Local Tourists

January has been so much fun that I am just now getting caught up on all the going-ons here on the blog! If you want to know what we've been up to the rest of the month, scroll through the last few posts, which will walk you through our adventures of the new year so far.

As you no doubt know by now, travel is our passion and what Jeff and I wish we were still doing full-time. However, that isn't really possible at the moment, so we've determined to make "staycations" a priority. As time allows, we are trying to discover our immediate surrounding areas and to see them through travelers' eyes. We had a blast exploring in Denton and Dallas this past weekend.

On Saturday, after Ruth's riding lesson and Weston's buddy's birthday party, we headed over to Denton for a brewery tour and beer tasting at Audacity Brewery. We didn't love any of the beers, but we sure did have a good time! Later, we made our way to LSA Burger Co. where we enjoyed some very delicious burgers and chili cheese fries along with the funky atmosphere. Our day ended with a viewing of "Sing" at the theater, which was entertaining for all of us.

Our first stop on Sunday was the Dallas Farmer's Market, where shopped and laughed and indulged our senses. After that, we visited Reunion Tower and enjoyed a bird's eye view of the city. When it was time for lunch, the vote for sushi at Sushi Bayashi in Trinity Groves was unanimous. Afterwards we walked across the street for a beer tasting at Four Corners Brewing Co. Finally, we headed over to SMU to see the George W. Bush Presidential Museum. On the way home, the boys even worked in a playground visit, while Ruth and I did a little shopping. And back at the house, we watched a documentary about the JFK assassination to expand on some of the knowledge we had gained during the day.

It was such a fun weekend, and we truly had a great time being "tourists" in our own backyard. If any of you live in or have visited the DFW area, please share your recommendations of things to do or see, so we can keep growing our staycation master list. And for anyone living anywhere, I encourage you to get out and explore your immediate surroundings. You never know what kinds of gems you might find!

Audacity Brew House

LSA Burger Co. in downtown Denton

Watching "Sing" from cushy seats

Dallas Farmer's Market

Reunion Tower

Sushi at our favorite sushi place

Four Corners Brewing Co.

George W. Bush Presidential Museum

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