Monday, November 21, 2016

Foodie Staycation

We decided to take a break from school this week to spend a couple of days exploring Dallas before heading out of town for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Today's adventure was a fun food hop at Trinity Groves. With views of downtown Dallas and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, the group of interconnected restaurants, offering a wide variety of international and local food choices, provides a feast for all the senses. Our plan was to visit as many of the restaurants as we could (without making ourselves sick), sticking to small appetizers or shared dishes. We started at Resto Gastro Bistro, where we ordered several dishes that weren't bad but definitely sounded more delicious on the menu than they actually were. Our next stop was Sushi Bayashi, which was probably the favorite of the day for most of our group. We had the Philadelphia Roll and the Spicy Salmon Tower, and every bite was like a little burst of happiness in our mouths. Finally, we hit Beto & Son for some fresh guacamole, queso fundido, and loaded nachos. It was a very fun outing, and we feel sure we will visit again, as there are still many restaurants that we need to try!

Experiencing Dallas

Trinity Groves restaurants with connected patios
(The top pic is not mine; I borrowed it from their website)

First stop: Resto Gastro Bistro

Sushi Bayashi was our favorite

The lighting was super weird at Beto & Son, but the food was delicious!

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