Monday, October 31, 2016

I Am

My friend Kathy posted an "I Am" poem challenge on her blog a few days ago, and I felt like this would be a good exercise for me, as a writer with a serious case of writer's block and as a person who has a tendency to bottle up her feelings.

I Am

I am a nomad and an adventurer.
I wonder where I will go next. 
I hear the world calling my name. 
I see beauty in every corner of the globe. 
I want the freedom to go and to keep on going. 
I am a nomad and an adventurer. 

I pretend I can leave on a whim. 
I feel enamored with locations I have never seen.
I touch the land, the sky, and the sea.
I worry about unchanging scenery. 
I cry when mundanity stretches before me. 
I am a nomad and an adventurer. 

I understand that travel changes me for the better. 
I say life's too short to be lived in one place. 
I dream of having new experiences.
I try to keep a trip on the calendar.
I hope to see more of this amazing world. 
I am a nomad and an adventurer. 

If you want to try your hand at introspection and self-expression, I am including the template for the poem below. I encourage you to think about putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and explore the depths of who you are. Make it a family exercise and a topic for discussion around the dinner table. Try it multiple times, changing your roles each time. Play around with it, and have fun. Keep it private if you want, or be bold and share it in the comments here or in your own public space. 


  1. Thanks for taking the challenge. May your scenery be ever changing....

    1. Thanks for sharing the challenge. It was a very fun exercise! I loved your poem and look forward to reading more of your writings!


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