Friday, March 04, 2016

Beijing Zoo

The entrance to the zoo 

We came for the pandas, of course!
Clay was a bit disappointed that we couldn't hug them, after seeing professional
panda huggers online the other day, but he was impressed that each panda
had its very own playground. 

Clay loves pandas!

Hiding in a panda tree

Clay also loves panda statues!

For some reason this statue inspired push-ups
(I think it was because the stones contained imprints of panda paws,
of which the back paws look more like human feet and the front paws
more like human hands, so Clay was just trying to match up.)

I thought the feathery white beard made this
great bustard look especially Chinese
(like the kung fu masters of movies)

Snub-nosed monkey

There were many wolf statues, but Clay liked the one with babies the best.

This polar bear was one big dude!


White Tiger

Clay was so excited to have a seat by this friendly koala

Elephant riders

Max was just the right size to be an Emperor Penguin

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