Saturday, February 20, 2016

Made it to Moscow

We said "good-bye" to our (second) faithful Eurocar (Percy) this morning and then made our way to the extremely chaotic and crowded Geneva airport. As luck would have it, we arrived an hour earlier than we had expected, and thank goodness we did, because we just barely made it to our plane on time. Air travel is always the hardest, in terms of what it takes to actually get you moving towards your destination. Of course, we also chose to spend some time shopping for a new cell phone for me, since I learned the hard way that cell phones can truly die dead, in less than thirty seconds, when submersed in toilet water. It is just not a good idea to carry your cell phone in your back pocket, especially when you are distracted and aren't thinking about it, and more especially when the material of the pants is a little slick to begin with. You may consider that your public service announcement. You're welcome.

Once on the plane, we were finally able to relax, which was easy since it was such a nice environment. Swiss Air gets a thumbs up from our well-traveled group. The Moscow airport was quiet and clean, and filled with nice people, like the stranger who bought dinner for the kids and me, when I had a problem with my credit card while Jeff was gone to the ATM to get some rubles. (Honestly, though, it wasn't so much a credit card problem as a communication problem.) I offered to pay him back when Jeff returned, but he wouldn't hear of it. Don't tell me the world isn't filled with good people!

After a fairly long taxi ride, we finally made it to our apartment, which is lovely and has excellent Internet. (Woohoo!) What we could see of the darkened city from the taxi also looked lovely. I never thought I would visit Russia, and it's exciting to be here. We are looking forward to exploring Moscow and having some fun during the next few days.

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