Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Dentistry by the numbers

It's never much fun to go to the dentist. It's less fun when you have a relatively large family, and the majority of them have dental issues. We were in the dentist's office today from 8:30 until 12:00, being seen by 3 hygienists, 2 dental assistants and 2 dentists. As a group, we came away with five cavities, one diagnosis of periodontal disease, one diagnosis of gingivitis, two prescriptions, one plan for another round of surgery, ten follow up appointments, three recommendations of countries offering quality dental care, and several thousand dollars missing from our pocketbook. This is especially frustrating, because we do take dental hygiene seriously and try to implement healthy brushing practices in our home. Obviously, it isn't working. So, we've ordered a water pick and electric toothbrushes, and one of us will soon be wearing a night guard. So many fun times! At least we had the foresight to schedule this appointment at this time, so we can get everything taken care of before we leave on our trip. And, thankfully, our dentists and everyone in their office are wonderful to work with.

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