Sunday, August 10, 2014

Campmeeting and The Ranch

That's our cabin up top, on the left. Don't let the fanciness overwhelm you.

These little visitors were plentiful

Rain, glorious rain

I couldn't post that last one without posting this one. 

Flying baby

dirty, adorable face

Lots of love

Max and Victoria enjoying the homemade dollhouse

Getting in some porch time with Mimi

The girls

So much sweetness

Knocking them dead with his stand-up routine at the talent show

The Davis Mountains

Pirates like tea parties, too

Sharing some of the history of the Burnet Camp with the rest of the campers,
to commemorate the 125th year of Bloys Campmeeting

The gang's all here

family photo op

Setting up the free farmer's market on the last day of camp

Quirky Quail

Watching Grandpa and Uncle Alan shoot the guns

driving lesson

Trying to escape

There is nothing like the west Texas sky!

Full Moon

swapping tales and cooking s'mores around the fire pit

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