Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Little Swimmer That Could

Ruth has always been a little nervous around water--and that's really putting it mildly. We started her in swim lessons in September just to try to get her more comfortable with the water. And when we went to that first class, I really had my doubts about whether she would even get in the water at all. Well, she did get in and she absolutely loved the class. So, we signed her up for the next class. She loved that as well, but wanted to take a break and do gymnastics for a while. Jeff and I still felt that she could be more confident in the water so we insisted that she take another class this summer. So, she has been going every day this week (and she will go every day next week as well). And since there weren't enough kids to make a class at her current level, they bumped her up to the next class. It's almost like I'm watching a totally different kid. She has really blossomed. She is going under and swimming the length of the pool pretty much all by herself and diving and floating on her back without help and, most amazing of all, jumping into deep water with no one there to catch her. I'm so proud of her, and I can tell she really feels good about herself. She's even talking about being on a swim team at some point in the future! She's definitely come a long way in just a year!


  1. WOW! That is incredible! Yea, Ruth!

  2. What excellent progress! Cool beans!


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