Wednesday, May 30, 2007


That's "stressed" backwards, and you should have seen me shoving M&Ms into my mouth like a mad woman earlier. Today's culprits: medical bills and accompaning medical insurance statements (does anyone out there actually understand how to read one of those things?!), mysterious van problems--after just having major work done on it two weeks ago--and the ever present stresser that everyone has to deal with: people. Ugh! That reminds me, I might just want to have some ice cream before I hit the hay...


  1. Sounds like you deserve m&ms ON ice cream.

    Insurance statements are no fun but do call customer service number on the back of your insurance card--not the doctor's office--they get it wrong quite often I've found.

  2. It's always a lot of fun trying to match up what the insurance paid with what you need to pay with what the doctor says you need to pay. I spent almost a whole day doing that sort of thing last week.

    Definitely go for the M&Ms on the ice cream.


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