Meet the Watts

Wiamea Canyon
Kaua'i, Hawai'i
June 2016

We are The Watts. And this is our little piece of cyberspace, where I, Mandi (aka Mom), write somewhat regularly about the going-ons of our family and share some of the musings of my mind. We returned to Texas in July 2016, after a year of traveling around the world and living out of carry-on suitcases.

Jeff (Dad) owns his own web marketing company and has an unlimited number of really good ideas floating around in his head at any given time. He has recently been working on a novel and hopes to have it published soon. We met in high school, became pen pals for a while, and then married while we were students at Texas A&M University. We are approaching our 19th anniversary.

Our oldest child, Ruth, is just a few weeks away from 15 and a driver's permit. She is a very talented and intelligent young lady, with a wide variety of interests, including, but in no way limited to, horse riding, nutrition, and writing. She just completed her first season riding with an IEA team, and she made it to regionals. She is also working on writing a sci-fi novel in her spare time. She has her sights set on becoming an equine vet in the future.

Weston is 11, but he looks much older. He's a big boy, with a big heart and a bigger appetite. Plus, he's a whiz with numbers, and he loves science and sports, especially football. He dreams of being a tight end in the NFL and finding life on other planets in the off-season. He has also recently developed an interest in writing and is working a book of his own. And, he thoroughly enjoys reading through the Economist and talking about current events.

Max is 9 and is full of passion and intensity. He's a natural athlete and has enjoyed playing baseball for the first time this season. He has an engineer's mind and loves to design and build using whatever materials he can find. He also enjoys cooking and baking and is so proud to have his very own equipment to use in the kitchen.

The little guy is Clay, and he just turned six. He's a cuddle bug and has a genuine passion for travel and statues. He is also the kindest, most generous person I have ever known. He spreads happiness wherever he goes. He enjoyed playing baseball this year, and he's been in to dinosaurs the last few months. He loves to dress up--in fancy clothes and in costume. His future plans include helping people, being a firefighter, and owning a rocketship and flying around with all the people he loves.

As for me, I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom, who wears many hats. I aspire to be a writer when I grow up and have already published a children's travel journal and five children's geography workbooks inspired by our travels. I also really enjoy photographing nature's beauty, trying out new, healthy recipes, and practicing yoga.

As a family, we love to travel, cook and eat delicious foods, read books, listen to music, watch college football, learn new things, and live "outside the box." In the last couple of years, we have learned to live with less and are happy to pursue a more minimalistic lifestyle. We are all about "aloha and holo holo" (love and adventure). I tell our story in pictures and words, as it unfolds, right here on the blog. Thank you for stopping by. We hope you will plan to visit often or just sit down and stay awhile.

Updated May 8, 2017

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